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Who is Permanent Makeup For?
If you are always on the run and you've forever had the desire to look your very best from the second you awake until your head hits the pillow, or if you have to spend hours in front of a mirror applying brows or eyeliner; then permanent cosmetics are for you.
Before Lips   After Lips
Colorless lips, uneven liplines and small lips can be restored beautifully with the artful use of color and style.

You can forget about the the worries of pale complexions, uneven skin tone, streaking, smearing or fading all day long!
Permanent makeup solves the problems of allergic reactions to traditional cosmetics, partial or complete loss of eyesight, or unsteady hands that make cosmetic application difficult or impossible.

Men find the procedure very helpful for thinning or uneven eyebrows, lips with no color or definition or to enhance a thinning hairline.

Permanent makeup is also used by cancer and alopecia (loss of hair) patients to create the look of natural brows or to add color around the eyes to offset eyelash loss.
Certain types of birthmarks, burns, scars and stretchmarks can be successfully camouflaged by expert hands by blending color to match natural skin tones, dramatically improving the look of problem areas.

Micropigmentation can be used to create the illusion of natural areolas and nipples from mastectomy surgery.

Non-progressive vitiligo (loss of skin pigment), and certain types of birthmarks, burns, scars and stretchmarks can be successfully camoflauged by expert hands that know how to blend color to match natural skin tones, making the area look nearly invisible.
Regarding Tattoo Removal...
Some technicians use various treatments to remove pigment, but many methods can scar the skin. The most effective and safest method is laser removal by a plastic surgeon or trained dermatologist.
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