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Permanent Makeup By Rebecca is a proud member of the Society of Pernanent Cosmetic Professionals and a nationally Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional.
The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals is an international non profit organization dedicated to the safe and ethical practice of permanent makeup. The society has assisted the National Environmental Health Association with setting the national safety guidelines for the tattoo industry. Rebecca Bryant formerly served on the Board of Directors of this valuable organization.

The Society is run by experts in the Permanent Makeup field who are not only Permanent Makeup Technicians, but Teachers, Conventional Tattoo Artists, Dermatologists, Anesthesiologists, Nurses, Electrologists, Cosmetologists, Insurance Experts and other professionals who are completely dedicated to the safety and success of this industry and who are willing to give their valuable time to educate others in the field.

Active members of The SPCP must be in business at least 1 year, meet the highest standards for safety and ability, meet all sterilization standards in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and follow a strict code of ethics or membership is terminated.

The SPCP hosts an annual convention which is attended by people from all over the world. Notable speakers, demonstrations, health and safety discussions, workshops, educational seminars, video tapes, informational newsletters and reports on new legislation are offered.

In addition to the convention, throughout the year, the SPCP offers workshops to help their members learn more about areas they need help with as SPCP members are dedicated to giving their clients the best service possible.

SPCP membership also provides its members the opportunity to network with other professionals by exchanging new concepts and techniques.

The SPCP has a website which lists their technicians around the globe. It also lists various physicians and experts who will answer any questions you may have regarding Permanent Makeup. Website is
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