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Electrolysis Center of New York, Inc.
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Las Vegas, NV 89146

Dear Rebecca,

It has now been almost two months since I elected to have permanent makeup done to my eyebrows. I can't begin to express how pleased I am with the results as well as your professional and extremely hygienic procedure. Your calmness, patience and assurance made the entire process so easy and fast.

The results have been surprising and exciting- much more than I could have imagined. Many of my friends and acquaintances have commented on how good I look these days. The fact that they are unable to pinpoint any particular change, but just noticed a subtle change is testimony that your style and technique has made my eyebrows appear very natural as well as blending in with my other features. Rebecca, you are a true artist!!! I am so fortunate to have met you!!!

I feel so great about my eyebrows, that I am saving to have permanent makeup on my lips. I would highly recommend your work to anyone and have begun to pass the word to all my friends and anyone who is considering permanent makeup. As a matter of fact, I just gave your name to a friend in San Diego. She said - Christmas in Las Vegas with new eyes is what she will be asking from Santa.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Laura Fink-Soto
Las Vegas, Nevada.


Dear Rebecca,

I just wanted to tell you thank you for my permanent makeup. I have gotten so many compliments since I have gotten my eyebrows done and my top and bottom eye lids.

I also wanted to thank you for your patience with this. You worked around my schedule and I was very impressed with your patience. You didn't try to rush me through the procedure.

I was also very impressed with the sterilization technique that you used. You had a very steady hand which made me feel very comfortable.

I would highly recommend you to everyone.

I feel like I have known you forever. Thank You again for everything.


Rebecca Lorson- Las Vegas, Nevada.


Hi Rebecca:

This is just to let me tell you how happy I am with the permanent makeup job you've done on me. I thought it would hurt and had natural fears but to tell you the truth you didn't hurt me once and I can't thank you enough for your patience. I am very pleased with what you've done and I never felt as good as I do now. I don't mind looking in the mirror anymore.

Thanks so much, Wishing you well-

Minna Petkunas- Las Vegas, Nevada.
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