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Color & Styles
There are a wide variety of styles and color management techniques that an experienced Permanent Makeup Artist can call upon to create any "look". The Permanent Makeup Artist is exactly that; an artist concerned with giving you the gift of natural beauty which will stay with you for years to come.

Since the procedure is permanent, it is suggested that at first you go conservative. Normally, most people choose permanent makeup enhancements for everyday wear (a look that complements the natural complexion) and then dress it up with traditional makeup for a more dramatic appearance.

To match a pigment with a client's natural coloring, the Permanent Makeup Artist must first evaluate the client's complexion to determine the range of blue, orange, pink or green undertones of the skin before applying any color so that the color applied does not take on too much of that person's skin tone.

Primary colors are mixed to create cosmetic hues, this means that You Have Unlimited Choices- eyeliner is not always black and lips are not always red! The artist MUST have knowledge of combining colors and skin tones or the long term result can be lavender eyebrows, blue lips, Grey eyeliner, etc. Pigments made with iron oxides are very color-stable and have a translucent quality which creates the most natural look possible- they are also the least allergic and longest lasting.

"Vegetable Pigments" more commonly faciliate allergic reactions as they are plant based.

Style is determined by the "look" you want to achieve, the shape of face and the size and placement of the eyes.

Eyebrows can be made bolder or darkened, or they can be filled in to create the appearance of fine hair.

By using a variety of techniques, eyeliner and color can be applied to enhance the shape or the natural hues of the eye. Please note that a "wetline" (eyeliner inside the ridge of the eye) is not advisible as there is a risk of corneal abrasion.

Lip liner or full lip color is a wonderful way to make your lips look larger or smaller, add fullness to the mouth, correct uneven lip-lines, add color to otherwise lifeless lips or to permanently end the age old problem of color "bleeding" into surrounding skin-lines.

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